Thorough check of both the inside and outside of house to ensure it meets our high quality standards as well as your liking.

Finalize Your Design

Final plumbing and electrical fixtures will be installed. The flooring and/or carpeting is installed as well.

Cabinetry & Countertops

Kitchen cabinets are set and countertops are installed.


Every wall in the house will get a primer coat and finish coast of paint, or various wall covering as per customer’s preference.

Wood Trim & Doors

Interior doors are placed along with their moldings and staircase railings are added.


Electrical, Heating, Ventilation (HVAC) and plumbing systems are installed along with the house siding and cornice.


The shingles, windows and exterior sheathing of the roof are installed as well as your choice in aluminum or vinyl gutters.


Wooden framing for the walls, floors and roof is built. According to blueprints, door and window opening are position and marked.


Markers for the foundation and utilities will be identified and marked. Site will be excavated followed by pouring and forming the walls of the foundation.